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Compliance Plan and Inspection        
A 'Pew Charitable Trust' funded study... "by 2048 there will be no fish left in the world's oceans"!
      Our "SEAL OF REGISTRY" signifies products that are sustainable for use in a sensitive environs. OCEANSAFE REGISTRY is designed to help participants monitor and document long-term compliance through an ISO 9000 standard analysis that is designed by Oceansafe.   By completing the user-friendly environmental management plan forms provided,  Businesses develop a certifiable product/service that through this analysis and during the process there is a periodic recording of pertinent operational data. Participants then correct any non-compliance identified in the plan. (Although the Responsible Oceansafe Registry focuses on manufactured products and commercial service operations, separate plans for other sectors are  in development)

              Oceansafe Registry Supports - Mandated by the Oceans Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-256), authorized by
               Congress  and appointed by the President, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy is required to establish findings and make
                       recommendations to the President and Congress for a coordinated and comprehensive national ocean policy. The new policy will
                   address a broad range of issues, from the stewardship of marine resources and pollution prevention to enhancing and supporting
       marine science, commerce and transportation. The Commission’s final recommendations to the President and Congress
will bedelivered in November 2003.

          Special Notice:NOAA Fisheries Service is responsible for enforcing the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, which
          safeguards whales, dolphins, porpoises, and other marine mammals in U.S. waters and territories. Under the MMPA and its
           implementing regulations, it is illegal for people to “harass” or feed any marine mammal in the wild. Harassment is specifically
          defined in the MMPA as any act of pursuit, torment or annoyance that has the potential to injure the animals or disturb
           their behavior.   Feeding or attempting to feed wild marine mammals is also explicitly prohibited. People should admire
          dolphins from a safe distance ofno less than 50 yards to help ensure the animals are not harassed.
           Please call the NOAA Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement Hotline at 800-853-1964 if a violation is observed.

                              More than 5,000 nano-material containing products have been patented in the United States...
                              Companies can begin to protect against future claims by implementation of safeguards that are
                              currently issued & begin to be integrated in the regulation standards that are just now being developed
                              by participating on a voluntary nature... OCEANSAFE.ORG in the forefront of these processes!

      The inspection process begins with a manufacturer's submission of its compliance plan to Oceansafe Registry certifying company. An accredited certifier then performs a preliminary plan review to determine potential areas of non-compliance.  After addressing such issues with the manufacturer, the inspector arranges an on-site audit. While on site, the inspector confirms records, operating procedures and manufaturer's designs. When the certifier is satisfied that any non-compliance issues have been corrected, a recommendation for formal program certification is submitted to Oceansafe Registry.

Nobel Prize (Nobel: Environmental) to Dr. in Kenya - she has been instrumental in reforestation projects in Africa
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         SEAL OF REGISTRY Certification and Label License
      To complete the program, the Oceansafe Registry Certification Committee reviews the recommendation and, if it is in order, issues a three-year Responsible Registry certificate with a registration number. The manufacturer/service name is then listed on the Oceansafe Registry website, and procucts for all items produced by the company under certified conditions becomes eligible to bear the Oceansafe Registry Seal of Registry.

SEAL OF REGISTRY  for all the world  

      To use the "Seal of Registry"  the certified quality of the product must be preserved throughout the distribution channel. To confirm this "Seal of Registry Confirmation", an annual audit of each manufacturer/service will be required to assure that documented control systems are in place to separately track certified and uncertified products through the manufacturing/service process.    
              Most elements of the Oceansafe Registry have been reviewed and approved by both Oceansafe
              Technical commity and external experts.


This site offers internal audit services, vendor survey audits, and pre assessment audits. Audits are performed by professional auditors and auditors who work under contract for registrars.
Why might a company want to have a professional auditor perform audits for them?              
Outsourcing is more cost effective and convenient.
Staff time is not available to perform audits.
Audit team members have left the company; assistance is needed to do regular audits.
Professional auditors have more experience than in-house auditors.
A complete audit is needed prior to a registration audit or a surveillance audit by a registrar.
The company wants a professional audit of a supplier company.
The company wants in-house auditors to observe how a professional auditor performs an audit.                                                      
Internal Audit Services                      
Oceansafe Registry Checklist represents the services of professional auditors who perform internal audits of Oceansafe Registry  systems. You may request contract auditing services (all your audits done for you) or single audits. Training audits are also available where members of your audit team observe a professional auditor and are coached in audit techniques.

Pre Assessment Audits
A pre assessment audit is a complete audit of the quality system to determine readiness for a registration audit by a registrar. Pre assessment audits offered by this site are followed by a meeting with company management. Nonconformances to the requirements of the Oceansafe Registry system and the company's documentation are reviewed. Pre assessment audits provided by this site include consultation on how to correct each nonconformance.
Subcontractor / Vendor Survey Audits                                                                          
This site offers the services of professional auditors to perform subcontractor surveys. Subcontractor survey audits are also referred to as vendor audits and supplier audits. Oceansafe Registry system standards state that a company "shall evaluate and select subcontractors on the basis of their ability to meet subcontract requirements including the quality system and any specific quality-assurance requirements." Many companies qualify their key subcontractors by performing an audit of the subcontractor's quality system. Companies that completely outsource their manufacturing may want to use the services of a professional auditor to qualify contract manufacturers.
RATES AND TARIFFS:                                         

OCEANSAFE.ORG SEAL OF REGISTRY Product Registry - Ocean Safe Products.  final completion costs is generally a registration and annual maintenance analysis of 16,500usd and 5000usd annually.

Training for Registered Company Employees:   

Check here for complete course description, registration information, location map and list of hotels within 6 blocks. For out-of-town attendees arriving early, see the course description page for directions to the Key West Institute and a trip to the Marquesas if you wish to see two wonderful Florida Keys attractions.

Who should attend: This course is appropriate for individuals who will perform audits of a company's Oceansafe Registry quality system to the Register standard.
Course Hours: 8:30 - 5:00                       
Price: $975.00 per person per day (includes lunch)                                     

Location: (blocks from Key West International Airport - hotels nearby)
Quality Resource Center (  located in the facilities) in Key West

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