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"Islamorada... a little purple spot in the Gulf Stream"ä
'Purple Daze' Our Incorporation?
The Islamorada Village Council              Mgr. Ed Koconis
Buddy Pinder/Mayor, Sharon Mahoney/Vice Mayor, Gregg Mark/Council, Elizabeth Jolin/Council, Henry Rosenthal/Council
Village Administration Center & Public Safety Headquarters 86800 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036
305.664.6400 Administrative Offices 8am - 5pm Building Department 9am - 3pm Cashiering 9am - 4pm

 Joni Mitchell's -  "They paved paradise... and put up a parking lot ...with a pink hotel, a boutique...
and a swinging hot spot...don't it always seem to go...that you don't know what you've got... till it's gone... they paved
        paradise... and put up a parking lot..."
          Village setup to ban Mc& setup a Pay Park!
                      But ... 'Purple Haze Village of No Sewers'...?
' Asteroid Alert' ©  Key West Soothsayer
"CONCHVILLE.COM "Liv'n at the end of the old water pipe"ä
"first in Key's News"©
 ...KWR's Editorial Board offers its e'lection recommendations to provide information that isn't readily available to many voters. The board does analysis on their character, background and opinions.  Board members review public records and files of news on the candidates' records.  The board also talks to people who know the candidates. Many voters have neither the time nor opportunity to make a thorough investigation of every candidate. Recommendation editorials are intended to give readers the benefit of the editorial board's research.time nor opportunity to make a thorough investigation of every candidate. Recommendation editorials are intended to give readers the benefit of the editorial board's research.
TOP SEVEN -- PREPARE EARLY AND BE SAFE!  RANKING HURRICANE YEAR CATEGORY PRESSURE (MILLIBARS) PRESSURE (INCHES OF MERCURY) (Number 1 is in Current Islamorada Village of Islands - Visit Memorial located in Village)
1 FL (Keys) 1935 5 892 26.35
2 Camille (MS/SE LA/VA) 1969 5 909 26.84       and Katrina and then Irma 2017                  1935 islamorada area in pic                      
3 Andrew (SE FL/SE LA) 1992 4 922 27.23
4 FL (Keys)/S TX 1919 4 927 27.37
5 FL (Lake Okeechobee) 1928 4 929 27.43
6 Donna (FL/Eastern U.S.) 1960 4 930 27.46
7 TX (Galveston) 1900 4 931 27.49
8? FL (Lee County to ORL exit FL Volusia area) 2004 August
Islamorada Government tidbits:
2023.... send in articles for our review to be publishe here...  editor @keywestregister.com
Note: in your email 'Subject Line' type the words:  "A Liitle Purple Spot in the Gulfstreamä" and paste or type your paragraphs in the body of your email... no attachments are accepted.
      Islamorada Landmarks?              "See you in Key West!"
just for thought: Florida law 102.168 - Contesting an election
*** pertinent part of the statute that allows a candidate to contest an election:     
(3) ... The grounds for contesting an election under this section are:
(a) Misconduct, fraud, or corruption on the part of any election official or any member of the canvassing board sufficient to change or place in doubt the result of the election.
(b) Ineligibility of the successful candidate for the nomination or office in dispute.
(c) Receipt of a number of illegal votes or rejection of a number of legal votes sufficient to change or place in doubt the result of the election.
(d) Proof that any elector, election official, or canvassing board member was given or offered a bribe or reward in money, property, or any other thing of value for the purpose of procuring the successful candidate's nomination or election or determining the result on any question submitted by referendum.
(e) Any other cause or allegation which, if sustained, would show that a person other than the successful candidate was the person duly nominated or elected to the office in question or that the outcome of the election on a question submitted by referendum was contrary to the result declared by the canvassing board or election board.
    WEIRD-SHOTSä  Not Just a Seasonal Thang!  
         Monroe County records "Tree of Knowledge"
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